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Vintage Turkish Rug Collection

Shop our assortment of distinctive vintage Turkish rugs, available in different styles and intricate motifs from the Middle-Easten region. Authentically vintage, each piece is hand woven, repaired, shaved and washed - a rich and fascinating heirloom piece bearing its own unique history ready for a new home.

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Pursue an online gallery of one-of-a-kind original paintings + artworks. These pieces are sure to give a space a distinctive appeal.

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Our latest melting pot of heirlooms from different cultures brought together.

Vintage Turkish Rug Seating

Each vintage rug piece starts from a hand-picked vintage household rug in Turkey that is washed, repaired and shaved, before further hand finished and assembled by our partners in India. Available in Ottoman, Sling Chair, Foot Stool, Butterfly Chair and Bench, with either brass or gun-metal seat frame.

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